W.C.W. (Women Creating Waves) 3/18/15 pt.1 (SEVDALIZA)

Hey all my KINKY individuals!

Yes that means you!

SKOLi here signing in for the 2nd post for @kinkyelevatormusic (good times).  So I came up with a concept…yeah go figure!  We are in the age of social media so I’m assuming we all know about the popular – aka “Lame as F CK” – trend known as W.C.W. (Woman Crush Wednesday).  We at K.E.M. want to change the game with our own version of W.C.W. and rename it Women Creating Waves (events coming soon?!?). Dope yeah? I know!

So here’s the deal…in my opinion (NOT YOURS!) the best music out there is a solid woman vocalist with some trippy | space cadet | ridiculously amazing synths and deep | dark | hypnotizing bass line in the background (think Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, SZA, The Internet, Purity Ring, Kilo Kish, Sun BLVD, FKA Twigs, etc etc etc YOU GET IT).  So every Wednesday, or so I have plans on putting a spotlight on a Woman Creating Waves (pretty simple as that).

So this week my W.C.W. award goes to (opens the envelope)…. SEVDALIZA! I know i know SEV this is the moment you’ve been waiting your entire life for…I GET IT!

Last week I discovered SEVDALIZA’s music on soundcloud and by the first drop I was captivated! I love music that inspires my and gives me chills.  Also music that makes you think, “Damn I never thought these sounds would mesh together…yet they do!”  That is exactly how I felt about her Project “THE SUSPENDED KID EP.”  (below)

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/album/the-suspended-kid-ep/id959649967

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SEVDALIZAMUSIC

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/sevdaliza

SEVDALIZA is a artist based in  Rotterdam, Netherlands (I’ll be in Netherlands In late April – early May) and is self described simply as “i’m everything you want me to be.”  I can’t help but agreeing with her!

So that’s it…simple…to the point!  Hope you all enjoyed the post and the tunes (support good music).  Keep being a Woman Creating Waves SEVDALIZA! I look forward to hearing more of you music in the future!

PS: I’m booking you for a show in Chicago FYI


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