K.E.M. NFL Draft Takeover 2015 @ Nike Chicago

Whats poppin’ kinky humans?

SKOLi here! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been crazy busy with gigs, life and all that Jazz.  I want to take this Saturday morning (which typically consists of cartoons and cereal…yeah I’m a grown kid so what!?!) to update you all on one of the craziest weeks of my life.

So Monday April 27th I get a call from the head of Marketing at the Nike Chicago Flagship Store on Michigan Ave (where I work part-time/DJ for on occasion).  When I first glanced at the number I figured either a) they were calling to ask me to work an event or b) they were calling to tell me to come in for a shift.  Both scenarios were welcome ($$$) but paled in comparison to the actual reason for the call.

To my surprise she called and asked if I was available to DJ that week (Tuesday through Saturday) for in store NFL Draft events.  I replied by asking her “is an elephant heavy?” (obviously). Now this isn’t the first time I’ve been asked to DJ at Nike events, but for some reason, in my mind I knew this opportunity was special for a number of reasons.  First, my set and setup have improved drastically since the last time I DJed for Nike (almost a year ago).  Second it’s the NFL Draft week in Chicago so I have no choice but to put on a good show!

I thought to myself “Self, how we gonna get this joint crackin’ lobsters?”  Then I realized over the course of this year I have gained very talented friends (DJs, performers, photographers, artists etc.) why not throw the lob to some of these individuals.  To make a long story we got Hella Kinky the whole week and had a blast doing so!

Huge shout out to

Derrick “The Deacon” Thompson

Cofresi (@cofresh) http://www.facebook.com/cofresimusic

Mace (@macevisuals) http://www.macevisuals.com

Nike Chicago twitter.com/nikechicago

Check out some of the pics of the action from the week

PS: More cool stories coming soon! (pinky swear)

SN: We are throwing our first official artist showcase May 28th, 2015 at “The Store” 2002 N Halsted starting at 9pm! Come out and support!  Its FREE FAM!

MUSIC_skoli_nike063 MUSIC_skoli_nike066 MUSIC_skoli_nike084 MUSIC_skoli_nike086 MUSIC_skoli_nike085 MUSIC_skoli_nike092 MUSIC_skoli_nike100 MUSIC_skoli_nike099 MUSIC_skoli_nike_bw_001 MUSIC_skoli_nike_bw_040 MUSIC_skoli_nike_bw_054 MUSIC_skoli_nike_bw_078 MUSIC_skoli_nike_bw_075 MUSIC_skoli_nike_bw_090 TU9A2085 MUSIC_skoli_nike_bw_030 photoIMG_6180 IMG_6183 IMG_6185 IMG_6186 IMG_6203 IMG_6177MUSIC_skoli_nike003 MUSIC_skoli_nike008 MUSIC_skoli_nike015 MUSIC_skoli_nike024 MUSIC_skoli_nike025 MUSIC_skoli_nike030 MUSIC_skoli_nike029 MUSIC_skoli_nike037 MUSIC_skoli_nike051 MUSIC_skoli_nike049 MUSIC_skoli_nike059



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