K.E.M. Takeover Willis (Sears) Tower Skydeck (Party In The Sky)

YOOOOOOOOOOO! Whaddap Kinky humans?!? SKOLi here!  Sorry for the delay in posts been a crazy couple weeks, but you know how that goes!  Been doing a bunch of killer sets and rockin’ out at a lot of shows but I want to talk to you wonderful people about an experience that will always stick out in my heart.

So my manager, Cando hit me up a few months back and asked me if I was interested in DJing at a party for the University of Chicago Grad students at the Willis Tower Skydeck.  Of course I said yes, but at the time I didn’t realize the magnitude of this potential gig.  Come on, this is the Willis Tower (aka the artist formally known as the Sears Tower), one of the most famous buildings in the world! To make it more significant it’s in the greatest city in the world, my city, CHICAGO!

Eventually the day comes for the “Party In The Sky” and I must admit I’ve never had a loading experience like this in my life.  I must admit it was a little intimidating.  Once I finally found the loading dock their team made it a very easy process for me.  They made me feel welcomed – like family – like I was a person they knew for their entire life.  I went through a security check similar to that at an airport, then off to the loading elevator.  The elevator ride up to the 99th floor was literally the definition of KinkyElevatorMusic, plus it didn’t do much to soothe the butterflies I already had flying in my stomach.

When we finally made it up to the Skydeck, I looked around at the space, and I can honestly say I have never been more inspired in my life.  I knew in my heart I was truly blessed and I wanted to make this a special experience for everyone involved.  It was funny, one of the servers at the event came up to me and said “the last two DJs we had here were terrible…please don’t be terrible…you look like you know what you are doing!”  After that I knew it was on!  No pressure just good vibes as always!

This was easily one of my favorite gigs that I have done.  The aesthetics, the crowd, the location, the vibes everything was perfect!  Huge shout out to my manager Cando, my photographer J-Rod, University of Chicago Graduate Council and everyone who made this possible! This night was truly a dream come true, and I will never forget it!

Until next time my friends! Much Love!

SN:  We are throwing the second installation of our “Women Creating Waves” series, June 12th, featuring the incredible Dot coming in from LA, Chicago House Music legend CZBoogie and the soulful SunBLVD with support from ya boy SKOLi + a few DOPE guest appearances! It’s gonna be a great time and tickets are flying so get yours A$AP!!!






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