PROJECT 23 (II Peat: Iridium, Wicker Park)

Wuz up Kinky fam? SKOLi here! Haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d hit y’all with a quick joint! Project 23 is a concept my boy D-Win and I came up with almost 2 years ago while we were working at Nike, and it has began to take a life of it’s own!  Our […]

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Whats good Kinky fam?  SKOLi here, sorry I haven’t been posting too often been crazy busy (you know how it gooooo).  I just got back from a lovely trip to the Bay Area in California, and it was nothing but good vibes and inspiration!  Shout out to one of my favorite humans MM for hosting […]

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K.E.M. Takeover Willis (Sears) Tower Skydeck (Party In The Sky)

YOOOOOOOOOOO! Whaddap Kinky humans?!? SKOLi here!  Sorry for the delay in posts been a crazy couple weeks, but you know how that goes!  Been doing a bunch of killer sets and rockin’ out at a lot of shows but I want to talk to you wonderful people about an experience that will always stick out in my […]

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K.E.M. NFL Draft Takeover 2015 @ Nike Chicago

Whats poppin’ kinky humans? SKOLi here! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been crazy busy with gigs, life and all that Jazz.  I want to take this Saturday morning (which typically consists of cartoons and cereal…yeah I’m a grown kid so what!?!) to update you all on one of the craziest weeks of my […]

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W.C.W. (Women Creating Waves) 3/18/15 pt.1 (SEVDALIZA)

Hey all my KINKY individuals! Yes that means you! SKOLi here signing in for the 2nd post for @kinkyelevatormusic (good times).  So I came up with a concept…yeah go figure!  We are in the age of social media so I’m assuming we all know about the popular – aka “Lame as F CK” – trend […]

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Dee-1 X Lupe Fiasco X Super Fresh Bro’s (SFB) X DJ SKOLi @ Schubas Tavern (3/2/15)

Hey to all my Kinky humans out there!  DJ SKOLi here signing in for this very special post for @KinkyElevatorMusic (IG). I’m on medical leave for work (recovering from a concussion). Should be resting but this is just too important not to do while I have some free time. This post is special for a […]

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